Bandai Namco uncovers some early and outwardly capturing interactivity film from the long awaited Tekken 8.

In the domain of 3D warriors, Tekken is the lord.

With a list of significant characters and a vigorous battle framework that is however complicated as it seems to be thrilling,

Tekken has become quite possibly of the greatest title in the battling game sort.

After the progress of Tekken 7 , fans started to hypothesize when they'd get affirmation about the game's unavoidable spin-off

Expanding on TEKKEN's 25-year history as a trailblazer in the battling game class,

TEKKEN 8 denotes the following significant part in this unbelievable establishment

 Worked from the beginning for cutting edge stages to give new and returning fans the most captivating experience at any point set in the TEKKEN universe

We are extremely eager to show the up and coming age of TEKKEN

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